Nativity School students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. Club participation allows students to further pursue their interests, meet new friends, become involved, and provide a service to their school, church, and community. In addition to the clubs, students in grades 6-8 may try out for different sports teams.

Club opportunities include:

Art Club - Grades 6-8

Students meet once a month and learn various art techniques and styles. Different art media are explored in a fun, relaxing setting. Art masterpieces are displayed in the Nativity Art Gallery at the end of the year.

Band - Grades 3-8

Nativity students may participate in the school band. Lessons are held one day per week. The band holds several performances throughout the year.

Builders' Club - Grades 6-8

The club meets once a month. Students participate in service projects at the school, church, and community.


Elementary Choir: Grades 3-4

Nativity Singers: Grades 5-8

Students practice after school and sing at the school masses, Family Masses, Christmas Show, End-of-Year Show and various other performances which may be held throughout the year.

Coding - Grades 4-8

After-school enrichment opportunity

Drama - Grades 6-8 

The Drama Club holds tryouts in the fall. Students in the club meet throughout the year to rehearse for the performance at the end of the year. Past performances have been sensational and have included Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan Jr. and The Little Mermaid.


Greeters' Club - Grades 2-5

Students "greet" the parishioners as they arrive at the Saturday, Family Masses. They hand out the children's activity bulletin at the end of mass.

Happy Hands Liturgical Expression Club - Grades 3-8

Students learn hand motions to liturgical songs. They help bring our faith alive during the Family Masses and the school masses.

"Inklings" Creative Writing Club - Grades 6-8

Students participate in creative writing activities throughout the year in this after-school club. Creativity, form, and style are stressed.

Kidwatch - Grades 6-8

Students assist the Pre-K and Kindergarten students out of their cars in the morning drop-off.

Lector Club - Grades 6-8

Students are trained to lector at the Saturday Family Masses. They read the parts of the mass at the podium during the mass.

Math Team - Grades 6-8 (tryout)

Students compete in several county math competitions that are held throughout the year.

Newspaper - Grades 6-8

The award-winning Knightly News is composed of articles from our young journalists.

Robotics - Grades 6-8

After-school enrichment class

Student Council - Grades 4-8 (elected)

Members participate in various activities throughout the year.

S.T.E.M Enrichment Challenge - Grades 1-3

After-school enrichment opportunity.

Ushers Club - Grades 6-8

Students assist with the collection at the Saturday Family Masses.

 WNTV Broadcasting Club - Grades 6-8

Students broadcast the morning pledge, prayers and announcements on the school-wide TV channel.

Yearbook - Grade 8

Students assist with the theme selection, cover, and perform other duties.