The fundamental core of living a good Catholic life was taught to me during my time at Nativity. I was provided with everything I needed to develop religiously, academically, and socially in order to be successful as an adult. I loved my time there and am excited to let my children have those same opportunities. Nativity is a special place where they nurture the soul as well as the mind. There is no other school I would have my children attend. -A.G. alumni, periodontist

     Nativity provided me an academic foundation that continued throughout my educational career. Nativity was more than a school; it was my spiritual home too! I will be forever grateful for the educational, spiritual, and nurturing environment Nativity provided for me and now for my son!  -T.W. alumni, high school principal

     Nativity not only strengthened my love of God, but it also developed within me an academic discipline that remains with me today in my professional career. Walking my children to their classrooms every morning, and watching them walk through the same hallways that I walked, provides me a sense of pride and comfort knowing that they are carrying on a tradition while receiving a top-notch, faith-based academic education they will carry throughout their lives. Without question, success starts at Nativity!  -A.B., alumni, attorney

     I attended Nativity with my six brothers and sisters and with so many people that became life-long friends. Nativity offered us a foundation of strong academics and religious beliefs as well as a sense of community and belonging. It is no surprise that Nativity still has that same reputation today. I am proud to say that my two sons, my niece and nephew, and many of the children of my childhood friends continue in that tradition. We truly believe that success begins at Nativity School!  -M.S. alumni, attorney     

     A few words that come to my mind when I think back to when I was a student at Nativity are spiritual, support, kindness, friendship, and community. Now that my children are walking the same halls I did during elementary and middle school, Nativity not only instills these core values, but provides them with endless opportunities and challenges to fit each of their personalities. My older son and daughter have very different strengths and levels of achievement in certain areas. At Nativity there is something for each of them, where they can develop their own strengths while being a part of a strong faith family.  -V.C. alumni

    Through its constant academic stimulation, Nativity really opened up my potential and helped me excel through high school by preparing me for so many of the challenges ahead. The Accelerated Program and its wonderful teachers truly instilled in me a great work ethic along with a drive for knowledge. The spirit of community within Nativity is one rivaled by every other Catholic school in the county. Nothing could replace the bonds and relationships I developed during my time at Nativity. I will be forever grateful for the unparalleled education I received at this world-class school. Thank you!  -G.C. alumni, high school senior