Accelerated Program
Nativity School offers a Junior High Accelerated Program for the gifted and high achieving students. Entry into the program is based on standardized test scores, report card grades, and teacher recommendation.
The program offers an in-depth and accelerated curriculum. It challenges the students to achieve at the top of their level. The 8th graders are offered high-school Algebra I, and some even take an additional Geometry class. The students participate in many county competitions achieving tremendous success. Preparation for a rigorous high school program is one of the goals of the Accelerated Program.
Accelerated Reader Program
Honor Roll and Master School are the highest levels of AR certification awarded to schools!
Nativity School participates in the Accelerated Reader Program to encourage students to develop a love for reading and to improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.  Students are tested to obtain their reading level, set goals for each quarter, and work to achieve those goals during sustained silent reading times in their Reading/Literature classes and at home. Special incentives are offered for students that reach their goals, maintain successful quiz scores, and achieve Bookworm or Millionaire status.  We are truly grateful to the Amaturo Foundation for providing us with this excellent program!


Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten Program
Nativity School's Bilingual Pre-K Program was created on the basis that, in today's world, the knowledge of a second language is both important and necessary. Statistics show that children will easily learn a second language at a very young age if exposed to it on a daily basis. We, at Nativity, recognize the rich diversity of our community and have implemented a bilingual English/Spanish Pre-Kindergarten program. In one of our Pre-K3 and one of our Pre-K 4 classes, the children are exposed to Spanish through songs, games, and activities throughout the day.
Bucket Filler Program
The Bucket Filler Program sends a simple anti-bullying message to the students: Everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds their good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, we feel happy and when our buckets are sad, we feel sad.
The Peace Education Program (PEP), based on the PeaceWorks curriculum, is offered to younger students. Students learn peace-making skills and pro-social behavior through interactive lessons which include role plays, guessing games, and popular literature. The I-Care rules or Rules for Fighting Fair, depending on the student’s grade, provide guidelines for behavior. Some themes for the primary grades include using I-Care language, understanding conflict, expressing feelings through words, making friends, stereotyping, and cooperation. In the middle school program, students learn about decision making, fostering healthy relationships, assertive and effective communication skills, and anger management.
The administration, school counselor, teachers, and staff work diligently to promote an anti-bullying atmosphere at Nativity School.
Etiquette Classes - Grade 6

Nativity School offers an etiquette class for its sixth-grade students. The students participate in several etiquette lessons that teach leadership and confidence-building skills. The goals of the program are:

  • To provide lifelong leadership skills;
  • To provide useful and accepted etiquette and manners training;
  • To provide role-playing activities and information that help to build the students' self-esteem and confidence;
  • To teach self-discipline, respect for others and self, and kindness.

During the sessions, the students will be exposed to a variety of basic etiquette skills including:

  • Proper Introductions
  • Eye Contact
  • Shaking Hands
  • Giving and Receiving Compliments
  • Practicing Kindness
  • Writing Thank You Notes
  • Telephone and Computer Etiquette
  • Table Manners

The class is taught by Mrs. Lynne Moore, trained by the Protocol School of Washington, and provides a high-quality interactive program to teach practical skills in manners, civility, and leadership.


Director: Mrs. Gladys Schweser
954 987-3301 ext. 7
Nativity School's Aftercare Program provides a service for working parents. The students report to the Extended Day rooms at the end of the school day and are able to stay there until 6:00 PM. Students bring a snack from home. Older students complete their homework and are then able to join the younger students in various activities in the daycare room or the playground.
For more information please contact the Aftercare Director.
Faith Friends Program
Nativity's highly successful Faith Friends Program was initiated in 1994 by the Pastor. On a Saturday evening, Second Graders and their parents receive preparation for First Communion. The families attend the Saturday, 5:00 PM Family Mass together. After the mass, the parents attend an informational lecture. The young students proceed to the classrooms where Nativity School graduates, who are members of the high school Youth Group, share their faith experiences with the Second Graders. The students and their "Faith Friends" also participate in a shared project. The program provides the parents with faith knowledge and the students with an awareness of their future in our Church.
Meet the Masters
Meet the Masters is an art history and art appreciation program for elementary students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Meet the Masters seeks to cultivate a sustained awareness and interest in art by exposing children to selected prints. The art teacher will guide our students as they embark on their adventure into the world of art.