Nativity School is an accredited Catholic Elementary School in Hollywood, Florida, educating children from Toddlers through Eighth Grade.
Nativity strives to provide a challenging academic as well as spiritual education to its students in a safe and loving environment.


Mission Statement

Nativity School's mission is to fully develop each student's God-given talents and abilities in a safe, respectful, Christ-centered environment based on the principles and traditions of our Catholic faith.


Our Beliefs

  • We believe Catholic education is a powerful instrument through which the Church’s mission of proclaiming the gospel message of Jesus, actively living it, and worshipping through celebration, is fostered and accomplished.
  • We believe a Catholic school exemplifies the integration of faith and morals with right conduct, charitable actions, and peaceful resolutions.
  • We believe mutual respect is an absolute priority within the school community
  • We believe establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe environment is everyone’s responsibility.
  • We believe each student is a unique child of God whose self-worth should be continuously fostered.
  • We believe a strong academic program enriched by extracurricular activities, such as fine arts and sports, provides a well rounded education and afford students multiple opportunities for success.
  • We believe children must be accountable for their own actions and must be responsible academically.
  • We believe student learning within a Christian setting, inclusive of faith-based traditions, is the primary purpose of this school.
  • We believe a supportive and challenging learning environment increases a student’s potential for responsible decision making.
  • We believe all those united in faith, including the pastor, priests, principals, teachers, parents and members of the parish community, share responsibility for the mission of the school.